Electric Non Stick Rice Cooker 1.8L

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  • 1.8L, 16 cup capacity -for large or small amounts
  • Perfect for all types of rice
  • Simple and easy to use - one-touch operation
  • Non-Stick Cooking Pot
  • Includes a measuring cup and serving spoon

Calitek 1.8L Rice Cooker


  • 1.8L capacity - Cooks up to 16 cups of delicious fluffy rice – ideal for family dining, batch cooking and meal prepping
  • Perfect for all types of rice including Arborio, jasmine, white, basmati, long grain and more
  • Simple and easy to use - One-touch cook button and keep warm feature
  • Non-Stick Cooking Pot - Perfect result with no sticking or burning
  • Includes a measuring cup and wide serving spoon

Always struggling to make perfect rice? Does it come out sticky and undercooked or maybe burned and stuck to the pan? This Calitek 1.8L Rice Cooker will solve those problems and guarantee perfect rice every time.

The Calitek automatic rice cooker is the best alternative to cooking rice on the hob; there is no need to find the right pan as you can make up to 16 cups on rice in this stylish sleek pot.

This rice cooker will save you cooking time has it has an automatic function which allows you to add the rice and water and it will time itself and turn off once the rice is perfectly made. No need to continuously watch the pot or time the progress. Once the rice is made it also has a keep warm function which automatically activates once the cooking cycle is complete.

With its large capacity of 1.8L it can make small or large amounts and will cook up to 16 cups of rice in one go and still have fluffy results each time, however many guests you are catering for.

Rice Cooker Contents

  • Electric, Automatic Cooker
  • Removable, Non-Stick Cooking Pot
  • Measuring cup
  • Rice Serving Spoon
  • Instruction manual with clear measurement guidelines to help you cook just the right amount of rice each time
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